The manipulation of thought, memory and perception in psychic entertainment

CHAPTER #1: I Know What You’re Thinking (Mind Reading)

Alternate Stage Presentation
Variation #2
Variation #3
Variation #4
Variation #5
Alternate Handling #1
Alternate Handling #2 - Psychometric Presentation 
Picture Duplication #1
Picture Duplication #2
Magazine Test 
The Jigsaw Puzzle
Double Vision
Totally Impromptu Book Test
Word Test
A Book Test with a Twist
Telepathy and Clairvoyance
ESP Design Duplication
One of Many
The Opener 
The Force of Psychology
Effect #1
Effect #2
Emergency Mentalism

Essay: Reading Between the Lines

CHAPTER #2: I Knew This Would Happen (Predictions)

A Sporting Prediction
Logical Headline Prediction
A Prediction in Code
Prediction Plus
Heads and Tails
All Shook Up 
Three-Way Prediction
Just in Case
Symbolic Match
Mentalist’s Insurance Policy
Getting Ahead of Myself 
Eat At Joe’s
Four-Card Prediction & What’s In a Name
Into the Infinite
Bernstein on Number Predictions
Bernstein/London Number Prediction
Clip Number 
Bernstein Number Prediction
Impromptu Number Prediction
Utility Mental Routine

Essay: Getting out of the Line of Fire

CHAPTER #3: Dollars and (Sixth) Sense (Tricks with Money)

Bernstein’s Bank Nite
Impossible Bank Nite
Breaking the Bank
Bernstein’s Bet 
Clinical Psi
When G is Called
Let’s Try One More Time
Win-Win Situation

Essay: Magic & Mentalism

CHAPTER #4: The Devil’s Picture Book (Cards)

I’ve Got Your Number
Love Connection
Psychological Card Force
Personal Attachment
Lazy Man’s Prediction
Eight Cards
Cut Deeper Location
Mentalist’s Card Through Table
Borrowed Princess
Your Card Variation
It Takes Two
Scripted Thoughts

Essay: Presentation Excuses the Methodology

CHAPTER #5: Reading People

The Croiset Affair
Sample Prediction
Croiset Revisited
A Card Reading
Marked for Reading
Psychological Reading Framework
Thoughts on Nelson’s Greatest Secret

Essay: Disclaiming Disclaimers

CHAPTER #6: Good Vibes (Psychometry)

The Force of Emotions
Hummer Psychometry
Third Person Psychometry
Ultimate Psychometry
21st Century Psychometry

Essay: Exposures

CHAPTER #7: Magick (Bizzare and otherwise)

Pictures that Tell a Story
The Ritual
Masklyn’s Ring
A Pendulum Routine
Panticle of Love
One Man Séance

Essay: The Gathering of Information

CHAPTER #8: A Matter of Time

Basic Effect
Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4
Variation 5
Variation 6
Variation 7
Variation 8
Variation 9
Variation 10
Variation 11
Variation 12
Variation 13 - The 13th Hour

Essay: Basic Chops

Essay: Practice

CHAPTER #9: Techniques

Bernstein Center Tear
Outline of the Technique
A Practical Swami Gimmick
Thumb Tip Switch
One-Handed Switch
Pad Switch

Essay: Influences


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