ALTERED - additional effects in detail


A deck is shown to be well mixed.

You cut the deck in 2, and have a spectator choose one of the halves, leaving the remaining half for you.

Both of you shuffle your cards and show them to the audience. You both then ribbon spread your cards, face down, on the table.

Then you show what the spectator is to do with your cards, as you demonstrate with the half that he picked and shuffled.

You reach over to his shuffled half, gently spreading a few cards apart to get to the one you want. (This silently shows he can do the same, assuring him a free choice, and also demonstrating that none of the cards are somehow being concealed from him.) You then slide the card out of the spread.

You pick it up and then turn it face up for all to see. After a pause, you openly and cleanly put it back in his half deck.

Following your example, he picks a card from your half, which you openly show and replace.

After a mystical gesture, you ask the spectator to find the card you had selected from his half, but it's gone!

Then you fan through your half for the spectator to locate his chosen card, but it too seems to have vanished!

Both end up somewhere else...envelope, wallet, etc. under impossible circumstances!


The Card Worker fans through a deck showing there to be no duplicates.

A spectator chooses a card in an above board manner, which is displayed and then is openly placed in middle of the deck.

The Card Man makes a small flick with his wrist, and then shows the card has risen to the top of the deck.

This is repeated several times, yet it is still as clean as can be.

The Card Expert now places the "Ambitious Card" back into the middle of the deck, and then turns the top 2 cards of the deck face up.

Again, that magical wrist flick happens, and the Ambitious Pasteboard visually appears between the 2 face up cards!

The 2 face up cards, with the face down Ambitious Card sandwiched in between, are inserted as a unit into the middle of the deck.

The Card Guy now removes his wallet from his pocket, and places it near the deck.

He turns the deck over, and fans it. The card sandwiched between the other 2 is now a different card!

The Finger Flinger now opens his wallet, and takes out an envelope. It is handed to the spectator to open. Inside is the Ambitious Card!

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